A Dance with Rogues

This is a Northern Betancuria housing complex containing two residences on separate floors.  The first floor is the Princess' home, given to her by Nathan after she completes her seven lessons.  It has a large furnished living area with a single bedroom and a bath.  The ground floor is occupied by another tenant.

Notes []

  • This residence, in addition to the Kitchens and The Hideout, is a place where the princess can rest using a bed*.  It is also where the book, The Sins of Annelie F., can be used.
  • Use of the bath advances the clock by one hour and cures most diseases.
  • It is a safe spot to store the princess's equipment during whole Part 1 of the story.


  • Caron was promised a similar apartment to the princess's one as reward for completing his last mission. Could the unoccupied apartment next door have been meant for him? If so, the contents of the closets in aforementioned apartment provide some information about Caron's dressing preferences.

*There are additional places where the princess can rest both temporarily and otherwise. See Places to Rest article.