A Dance with Rogues

A Dance with Rogues is an adult-oriented two-part module for Neverwinter Nights, set in a fictional land where the player assumes the role of the Princess of Betancuria. Her world is shattered when her home is taken by force and her family killed. She is forced into hiding, sheltered by a group of thugs and thieves. The series was developed by Valine. Part One v1.0 was released on February 6th 2006 and Part Two v0.9 on March 8th 2006. Both parts have since been updated.

Part One focuses on the Princess earning her place in "The Family" and dealing with the hostile forces of the Dhorn Empire that have seized control of Betancuria. Part Two follows the events of Part One that have forced the Princess to leave Bentancuria.

As of March 2009, both parts have an average rating of 9.85 and have been awarded Hall of Fame and Module of the Year (2006) on the Neverwinter Nights Vault.

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