A Dance with Rogues
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Planes, Volcano

The Volcano

Delberg County, Orc Post

An orc outpost

When the the Princess and her party arrive at the Volcano in the Planes, they speak with an old man who was briefly seen in the Planes giving directions. The old man has a proposition for the Princess, that will lead her into hostile territory and pit her against people in need of help.

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After a brief conversation, the old man raises Chella and offers to return the other lost family members, if the Princess agrees to steal a statue from Earl Delberg, who's Castle is under siege by orcs. After hesitantly agreeing, the Princess sets off alone to meet the old man's assistant, a demon named Hyath. Hyath transports the Princess to a tomb in Delberg County and gives her last minute instructions, before vanishing.

The Princess must use her rogue skills to infiltrate the large orc camp that's been built up in the areas directly outlying the Castle, in order to gain entry to the Castle, find the statue and steal it. The orc camp is a dangerous and cruel place, where human slaves have been taken captive and are being abused.

Note: There are few paths to achieve the Princess's goal, some more and some less noble. The way the Princess conducts herself during this quest can have a significant affect on the possible ending of the story.


I've met a strange old man. He told me that Master Nathan and the others are dead, but he also said that he would summon their bodies and revive them if I manage to steal a statue that's currently in the possession of Earl Bartholomeus Delberg. The statue in question is about three feet tall. It's made of gold, depicting a lion standing on its hind legs, baring its claws. The statues' eyes consists of two emeralds, its teeth are made of ivory. Castle Delberg is currently under siege by an army of orcs, and I have to steal the statue before the castle falls and while Earl Delberg is alive.


See Chapter 6: Volcano

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part Two.