A Dance with Rogues
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Sewers, Reyne and Marric

Dhorn interrogators

During the Princess' exploration of the city for the Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest, she may witnesses two Dhorn killing a member of the Family in a very gruesome way. If she wishes, she can avenge his death.

Spoiler: During this quest the Princess can learn about gruesome fate of many Betancurian women and men, who have been abducted and tortured to death by the two Dhorn.


  • The Princess must overhear the conversation between the mysterious figures in the Sewers during Lesson 3 for this quest to take place.
  • It's possible to kill the Dhorn at the scene of the crime, but in this way most of the quest will be missed.
  • The quest should be completed before starting Dhorn Slayer as a dialog bug can prevent its completion.


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Spoilers follow.

This quest starts when you enter the sewers beneath Bognar's Cellar and meet Caron during the Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest.

Note: If you didn't overhear the conversation between the mysterious figures in the sewers during Lesson 3, the door in Bognar's cellar will not open. See the FAQ for more information.

Caron, who is in obvious distress, will approach you and a brief conversation will follow. Caron has been terminally wounded and will fall dead. Sneak through the hallway to the back room and listen to the twho Dhorn soldiers. They will brag about Caron's torture and then mention Tald's Tavern. You can try to kill both men to end the quest at this point, but it's best to track them down individually later on.

You should return to Master Nathan and let him know what happened. It's possible to bring Caron's body with so Nathan can (eventually) hold a funeral, but he's quite heavy and it'll slow you down. Unfortunatelly Caron, cannot be revived, even with the help of a Raise Dead scroll.

Now head to Tald's Tavern in Betancuria West. There are a number of soldiers there, but not the two that killed Caron. Speak with Jero Fetton and "sell him some fabric" (sleep with him). After, if the princess' special skill is at least 4, he'll tell you that the two men are named Reyne and Marric. They used to frequent the tavern, but haven't been there in a while. Jero doesn't know where Marric is, but he's heard that Reyne has become a regular at the Lion's Head Inn.

Bug: If you've already started Dhorn Slayer, you will not be able to ask about Caron's murderers. This is likely a dialog bug that prefers the Dhorn Slayer conversation because the it existed before A Death in the Family. Either restart from an earlier save and speak to Jero about the men first OR try to enter these commands into the console:

DebugMode 1

dm_setvarint CKillerQuest 2

(Now left-click your character)

DebugMode 0

Now you can resume the quest in the Lion Head Inn as if you have spoken with Jero Fetton regarding the quest (You will miss out on the xp however).
4, Wharf Lane, Cellar, Torture Chamber

The cellar in 4, Wharf Lane

Reyne can be found having a drink on the ground floor of the Inn. Now speak with him. You can attack him right there on the ground floor, or try to extract some additional information from him in a more personal setting. He won't have anything to say to you if you're wearing armor. Offer your services, show him your goodies, then let him take you upstairs. You can fight him when you arrive in the room or sleep with him and kill him after. If you have sex with him, he'll say he's going to take you to a dark cellar after and keep you chained up like a dog. After he's been satisfied, you'll need to break out of his grip and fight him. Once he's dead, take the bill and the key. The bill will lead you to 4, Wharf Lane and the cellar he spoke of earlier.

Head to 4, Wharf Lane in the southwestern most part of Southern Betancuria. The door can only opened with Reyne's key. Go inside and make your way down to the cellar. The smaller rooms have the bodies of a woman and a man. Explore the main chamber, then return to the hallway and Marric will appear. A brief conversation will follow and a fight will ensue. He'll surrender as he nears death and plead for his life, claiming that Reyne was responsible for Caron's death. You can kill him or let him go.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.