A Dance with Rogues
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The Academy is located in Betancuria North. It has three levels, but only the lower is accessible to the public after the Dhorn closed it. There are two small shops on the lower level, one run by Hante Thenneset and the other by Merik Fendt. The Teachers' Quarters are on the topmost level, but access is restricted.


  • The previous version of Academy found in v1.40 and earlier can be viewed here. (do not edit)


Academy, Ground Floor pins
Academy, Students' Quarters pins
Academy, Teachers' Quarters v150 pins
  1. To Betancuria
  2. Door
  3. Summoning room
  4. Stairs up to the students' quarters (#5)
  5. Stairs down to the ground floor (#4)
  6. Barrel with a note
  7. Barrel with a note
  8. Locked door
  9. Hidden door
  10. Stairs up to the teachers' quarters (#11)
  11. Stairs down to the students' quarters (#10)
  12. Hidden door
  13. Hidden door
  14. Hidden door
  15. Pia