A Dance with Rogues

There are a number of add-ons that can work with A Dance with Rogues to varying degree. They are not required or supported. Unofficial additions have been known to cause an array of problems with the series, ranging from minor visual oddities to showstoppers, so great care should be taken when using them.


CEP 2.2[]

It is possible to play ADwR with CEP 2.2, thanks to Andraax's, CEP2 v2.2 & ACAG105 fix.

To use it add to custom content wanted CEP files including the CEP2_top_v22b.hak, add ACAG105.hak on top, and on top of all Andraax's fix.


Kamiryn's Customiser Override Pack[]

Kamiryn's Customiser works smoothly with ADwR and can be used to change the Princess's clothes and appearance in game.

Tony K's AI with Auldar's henchmen/familiars[]

Tony K's AI with Auldar's henchmen/familiars can be used with ADwR with few problems. Don't turn on the wandering monsters option OR the stacking option. Just the familiars and basic AI should be added. Known issue with use of Tony's AI is Rizzen unwillingness to attack after House Do'Vrinn is attacked as well as some creatures being unseen due use of stealth.

PRC V 3.3H[]

Player Resource Consortium's PRC Pack v3.3H can be used with ADwR with few problems (if for some reason after regaining control in the Bear Pit's kitchen you experience a crash, restart the module with the same character). Thanks to the crafting system it becomes easy to make impressive items to aid non-rogue characters (see manual here)m but you need to be careful while using teleportation spells: aside from the Bear Pit's kitchen and the hideout, it's best to mark the locations one transition away (for example, marking the first floor of your house instead of the same map where your bath and bed are); also, while making long quests (Pia is Missing, the Golden Chalice, etc...) it is better to not use those spells at all, because if you don't trigger some scripts by crossing a mark in the floor the game can mess up. Also, if you teleport away without your gear it can become hard to recover it.

The spell Mordenkainen's Magnificient Mansion can be used safely anytime, and you can actually rest normally (hitting "R") while inside it.


CEP Heads Override Pack[]

CEP Heads work smoothly with ADwR. Just copy them into override folder and play.


Enhanced skill and class icons[]

Enhanced skill and class icons by BoomWav can be used with ADwR.