A Dance with Rogues

Akordia Do'Vrinn is a high ranking member of House Do'Vrinn, and sister of Rizzen and Talice Do'Vrinn. She is the daughter of Matron Mother Faeryl Do'Vrinn and a Priestess of Lloth like her sister.

She not as sadistic as her sister Talice Do'Vrinn. Instead her cruelty more takes the form of extreme impatiance towards others combined with an equally extreme ruthlessness.


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Spoilers follow.

Akordia Do'Vrinn was responsible for torturing the princess in a bid to break her spirit and reveal more information about her background. While her sister Talice Do'Vrinn looked on she had her servants apply a red hot torch to the princess's belly before applying her whip to punish any sign of resistance to her commands.

Unlike her sister Talice, she remained behind as far as is known during the search for Rizzen and the princess so was not involved in the battle of Mushroom Grove which saw Talice meet her downfall.

With her sister out of way it is likely that her path to eventually succeed Faeryl Do'Vrinn as Matron Mother of House Do'Vrinn was greatly smoothed.