A Dance with Rogues

Alfons Fryar is the deputy leader of The Family and serves as the right hand of Master Nathan. He is gruff and often prone to barking, but has a warm, cuddly inside. Pia regards him as a kind of father figure. Alfons can be found in the hideout in the sewers where the Princess meets him after Lesson 3. Alfons tests the Princess skills with locks and traps during Lesson 6. After successfully completing the mission, Alfons presents the Princess with the Wicked Blade (in previous versions, the Poisonous Short Sword).

Spoiler: Alfons serves as the de facto leader of The Family after the Dhorn raid, with Barich's Tavern as his base of operations. In Part Two, he is apparently killed by Arto Benthur after refusing to give up information on the whereabouts of the Princess.


  • In a bookshelf in Alfon's room in the hideout is the diary of a woman who some twenty to thirty years ago was an assassin for the Betancurian thieves' guild, but started feeling remorse for her deeds. According to the diary she had three children. It is unclear if Alfons is somehow related to this woman.