A Dance with Rogues

The Ancient City Gates is a passage way between Underdark and the Lake of Sorrow. It suffers from a number of cave ins that have made some passages unpassable. Several hostile species call the Gates home.

Spoiler: Entrance to the gates requires a key, which is in the possession of a Half-Orc.

According to Rizzen in a distant past, these were the gates of Maeralssin, which was much bigger then now, and occupied all the territory from it's current position to the gates.


Ancient City Gates pins
  1. To Underdark
  2. Spider webs
  3. Deepcave Spiderqueen
  4. Doorway
  5. Room with the Bodak
  6. A small library
  7. A small room
  8. The Orc and Goblin camp site
  9. Lever opening the doors
  10. To the Mushroom Grove


See Chapter 3: Ancient City Gates