A Dance with Rogues

True gentleman shouldn't say no to a lady

DISCLAIMER: Following article contains subjective opinion and unfunny jokes! BE WARNED

In spite of his "I am sooooo a knight in shining armor" attitude, some believe that Anden is actually a no good, uptight, self righteous, pompous git, who needs to be rescued all the time and cannot get himself to show a girl a good time. Anyway, that's what Vico would have said about him, should he bother to turn his gaze away from the princess's butt. But can you trust the word of the likes of Vico?

Despite some mixed messages from Gail about the nature of her relationship with Anden's, the common belief is that Anden is a virgin, though perhaps somewhere in the Betancurian Wilderness lives a badger, who would claim otherwise*. In spite of his passionate words and promises of loyality, if the princess isn't too warm to Anden he quickly finds comfort in a strong arms of Norah. This implies that underneath the mask of "appropriate behavior" and "high morals" Anden is a regular guy who likes women and dies to have sex with one (or more) of them, but is too unsure to be him true self. It is a pity, since by doing so he would probably have done everybody a huge favour.

Strategic insights

  • Anden is a ranger and doesn't have the Uncanny Dodge feat, which means his mighty DEX bonus will be lost all too often. Unless you intend to have him dual-wielding, he should be given good chain armor. Armor of Roses suits him well, both in function and in color.
  • If you use Anden as an archer (duh?) don't forget to switch his bow to melee weapon in close combat. Anden's survivability can be greatly increased by giving him heavy shield to use in melee. It will compensate for his inability to wear plate or keep his DEX bonus at all times.
  • Anden is good dualwielder, since he is the only henchman who has the Improved Two-Weapon fighting feat. But watch out for his AC if you wish to use him this way.
  • In spite of his high DEX, Anden has no Weapon Finesse feat. There is no real point in giving him only light melee weapons and if he is expected to fight in melee his STR should be cared for.

*Mind you, I am not making this up. Just listen to what Gail has to say during her meeting with the Princess.