A Dance with Rogues
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Arto Benthur is a highly ambitious and scrupulous Dhorn colonel whose primary task is enforcement of strict Dhorn morality laws on Betancuria denizens.

Arto takes pride in his callname - Skirt Chaser - given to him by fellow Dhorn, due to his heavy involvement in hunting down and murdering prostitutes. He seems to enjoy his gruesome job and is not very selective about the methods he uses to get it done. Murder, torture, extortion, and bribe all seem to be valid tools in Skirt Chaser's toolbox.

Arto claims to have participated in the capture of the Betancuria Castle and witnessed the death of the Princess' mother.


  • Arto's name is a variant of Arthur, which means "bear".
  • For reasons unknown, Arto shares portrait with Christano.
  • The character of Arto has underwent serious changes during development of the story. In previous versions Arto was a Dhorn military commander who commanded four units of fifty men each, and his troops were among the first who stormed the city. He was portrayed as a deeply religious and conservative man, who takes the task of upholding law and order very seriously. In the very early stages of story development (not released), Arto was even planned to play a positive role and save the Princess in the very end from a gruesome fate envisioned for her by the Bishop.
  • In previous versions of the story Arto has told the Princess that he is married, and has a daughter around the Princess' age.

Plot Significance[]

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Part One[]

The Princess can first meet Arto during her first visit to The Swordfish where he in fact helps her avoid a bad situation. She can later have a closer interaction with him during the optional quest Nice Company offered by Mando during which she learns about Arto's job and his murderous nature.

Arto's role as one of the main antagonists of the story is revealed once the Princess is captured by the Dhorn after The Golden Chalice quest. Arto tries to get information and a confession from the Princess and graphically describes the torture he has prepared for her. Luckily the Princess succeeds in escaping with the help of the Family, but during the escape Arto ruthlessly kills Tarleth in front of the Princess' eyes. From this point on, Arto becomes hell-bent on capturing the Princess.

Towards the end of Part 1, Arto takes part in an attempt to stop and capture Simon and the Princess during the Bank Raider quest. As a result Arto gets appointed by the Dhorn Emperor as a military commander of Betancuria, taking the place of Lord Commander Peron Mortenson who is killed during the quest, probably in an attempt to silence him with regards to Simon's role in the affair. At the end of the quest the Princess learns that Arto knows her true identity and plans to marry her in order to expand his influence over Betancuria.

Part Two[]

Arto is absent during most of the Part Two, and his deeds can be learned about from occasional cut scenes and hearsay. Following a raid on Barich's Tavern, Arto learns of the Princess' departure from Betancuria and decides to track her down with a group of elite soldiers. In his pursuit Arto doesn't spare anyone.

Despite his unwavering will and readiness to follow the Princess even into the depths of the Underdark, he constantly falls one step behind. Until he doesn't.

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Following A Dance with the Devil, the Princess finds herself in the Greenfork Castle, where her "father" introduces her to Arto and orders her to marry him. When the Princess escapes, she learns that it was Arto who made a deal with the Old Man in an attempt to fool her into marrying him. The Princess choice at this point defines Arto's fate as well. She can either marry him or kill him during her suicide attempt to infect the Dhorn with the plague. If the Princess decides to rescue denizens of Delberg instead, Arto will be killed by an unknown demon with which he is revealed to have formed a deal in order to create the false reality in which the Princess finds herself after being killed by Hyath.


  • Simon despises Arto and is fearful of his attempts to accumulate power.
  • Near the end of the story it is mentioned that Arto's wife dies in an accident.
  • During Part Two the Princess can have a vision of a rough sexual encounter in which the Princess is dominated by Arto. The nature of this vision is not clear, and it is unknown if the vision has any truth to it or if it is a reflection of the Princess's own fears and desires.