A Dance with Rogues

The Arts of Love, otherwise known as the Princess' "special" or "sexy skill", can be improved at various points in the story by pleasuring others, being pleasured by others, or pleasuring herself (see Sexual encounters).

This skill can be used to make some individuals more cooperative and certain situations easier to deal with. This can be seen during the Seven lessons, specifically Lesson 1, Lesson 4, and with Herney Sannemen in Lesson 5. It can be financially beneficial with the sailors and other dock workers for following the Whore and/or during the Top Secret quests. The special skill is also used in the Dhorn Love and Dhorn Slayer quests, and can also be used to romance Vico in Part Two.

The maximum level at the end of Part One is 7, if the Princess chooses to initiate Pia's romance, or 6 if not. The current skill level is shown in the special diary, which appears in the Princess' inventory once a single level has been acquired.

Fix Me: What's the new max value including Tony?


  • Not all sexual encounters will increase the skill, and those that can may not always (die roll).
  • The SexySkill integer variable (set on the PC) controls the sexy skill level. Setting the value with debug mode will not update the diary.