A Dance with Rogues
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Baron Ravenstower rules a small barony far to the north of Betancuria with the help of his adviser Terek Weminster. The Princess meets the Baron in Ravenstower Castle during Chapter 3 of Part One. He is an aging, strong-willed man who does as he pleases and expects others to follow his every whim. However, it seems that the Baron's people respect him and are content with him being an absolute ruler.

In spite of all his efforts, the Baron doesn't have any children.


  • It is rumored that the Baron used to be a paladin but lost his status due to his flawed character.
  • The heir apparent is the nephew of the current Baron Ravenstower.

Plot Significance[]

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The Princess meets the baron during the Pia is Missing quest. He keeps Pia captive in his castle, possibly in hopes of conceiving an heir with her. He dies during a "private music session" with Pia after the Princess arrives in Ravenstower, or, if the Princess is polite to him when she is introduced, during a threesome with Pia and the Princess. It is implied that his death was caused by Terek with his magic.

Terek takes control of Ravenstower after the death of the Baron. The Princess later resurrects the Baron and fights (and kills) Terek. Although he remains largely ungrateful for her help, he does then allow her to purchase implosion bottles from Treasure Hunter's Paradise, which in turn allows her to free Hovazz and return to Betancuria.


  • Although the Baron refuses to give back any equipment after the fight with Terek, keep in mind that the Princess may be able to pick pocket him to regain the said equipment.