A Dance with Rogues

The beggar can be found in Betancuria South, near the Wildcat. He's an aged and filthy man, clad in some lice ridden rags barely fit to be called clothes. The Princess can procure these from him in different ways to complete Lesson 1.


  • The Princess can get the beggar's clothes in different ways, with different XP bonuses available. Consult Lesson 1 for details.
  • In version 1.50, in order to to meet Fino and be able to take the optional Nightingale quest, the Princess has to accept beggar's "tit for tat" proposal. In the EE remake (version 2.20), Fino will eventually approach the Princess even if she declines (this may be a bug, as it can take place on a different visit to the docks but Fino will speak as if he just witnessed the conversation with the beggar.)
  • The Princess can have a sexual encounter with the beggar.


  • For reasons unknown, the Beggar's class and level is a level 2 Vermin.