A Dance with Rogues

Betancuria is the fictional city and a kingdom in which much of A Dance with Rogues Part One takes place. It has a temperate climate, marked by near-constant cloudiness and precipitation.

The city of Betancuria is divided into three districts: Betancuria North, Betancuria South, and Betancuria West. It is bordered to the north by Sargoza. Although the city is a heart of the kingdom, it also includes some additional towns and areas like the town of Westwood and Greenfork Castle.

Prior to the beginning of the story, Betancuria was a monarchy, ruled by the father of the main character, residing in the Betancuria Castle in the city of Betancuria. During his reign, Betancuria was frequently engaged in warfare with its neighbors. According to Simon during last 10 years, Betancuria successfully fought with Sargoza capturing together will Dhorn Empire half of its territory and all its colonies, pushed into the lands beyond Westwood and also annexed many independent baronies adjacent to its borders.

Colours of Betancuria are blue and yellow, and Betancurian soldiers wore blue and yellow plate mail armor and used blue round shields.

Following a bloody war between Betancuria and its former allies Dhorn, the city of Betancuria is captured and plundered. Dhorn claim that they started the war as a preventive step after they learned that Betancuria intends to aid a rebellious leader of Min Toras to fight Dhorn.

In the beginning of the story, 4 days after the capture of the city, the Dhorn finally take the Betancuria Castle, leading to the deaths of the entire royal family (save the princess) and most, if not all, of the castle staff and soldiers. Subsequently, Betancuria is placed under martial law. Although a new mayor is appointed, this position appears to have little power, and the mayor seems to be largely a puppet for the Dhorn Empire.