A Dance with Rogues
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This article contains information on a character, area, item, or quest that has changed in the latest version of Part One as of v1.50. It has not been updated to reflect the changes.

Betancuria Castle is the residence of the King of Betancuria and where the Princess has lived most of her life, prior to the events of the story. It is on the north side of Betancuria, bordering with Betancuria North and West. Guards are posted at all entrances in order to keep everyone out. The kitchens and entrance hall can be found on the main level. The upper floors of the castle contain a number of bedrooms, including the Princess' and Shira, her maid. The basement and caverns can be found on the lowest levels. The castle has existed for more then 300 years, and has never before fallen into enemy hands, until now.

The story begins in the Princess' bedroom, with the Dhorn bursting into the castle and breaking down her door.

Spoiler: The castle remains under Dhorn control throughout the game. The main and upper levels of the castle, as well as the courtyard, are heavily guarded, with patrolling soldiers and dogs found everywhere. Even after months of captivity, dead bodies can still be found on all levels.


  • The Princess' bedroom was the first area created by Valine, even before she decided to create the series.
  • In Part One v1.30 and earlier it was not possible to enter the castle after the introduction. It is now used heavily during the Bank Raider quest.


Betancuria Castle, Courtyard pins
  1. Castle, Main Entrance (to the Entrance Hall)
  2. Castle, Entrance to South Wing (to the Entrance Hall)
  3. Stables
  4. North west area
  5. Ladder over the wall
  6. Park
  7. Tool Shed
  8. Guards' Quarters
  9. Joust Lists
  10. Well (to the caverns)
  11. Entrance to the kitchens
  12. Storage Rooms
  13. South Wall