A Dance with Rogues
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The basement of Betancuria Castle is a rather large area, broken into 3 maps. It has fallen into disrepair since the Dhorn invasion of Betancuria and spiders can be found throughout. The basement is used during the Bank Raider quest.


To the vault[]
Betancuria Castle, Basement pins
Betancuria Castle, Basement 2 pins
  1. Tunnel
  2. Hidden door
  3. Jail (to #4)
  4. Stairs Up (to #3)
  5. Jail
  6. Warded door
  7. Vault Room

The escape[]
Betancuria Castle, Basement 3 pins
Betancuria Castle, Basement 1a pins
  1. Well (to the caverns)
  2. Crate (Rope)
  3. Dead body
  4. Dead bodies
  5. Dead castle guard
  6. Stairs Down (to #7)
  7. Stairs Up (to #6)
  8. Crate (Spade, Light Hammer)
  9. Rubble
  10. Stairs Down (to #11)
  11. Stairs Up (to #10)
  12. Crates (Pegs)
  13. Stairs Down (to caverns)