A Dance with Rogues
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Betancuria North is one of three sections of the city of Betancuria. It features a number of shops, markets, and residences. Major structures include The Bear Pit, The Lion's Head Inn, the Academy, and the Temple. There are a large number of merchants and shops, including Igor's Smithy, the Tea Shop, Bags and Pouches, the Jeweler, as well as three clothiers. 2, Acorn Street, a small two story residence, becomes the Princess' apartment for the second chapter. A town crier can be found in the square near the merchants, with news and information on the daily goings on in the city. Betancuria North borders with South and West.


  • Most shops are only open during the day.
  • The previous version of Betancuria North found in v1.30 and earlier can be viewed here. (do not edit)


Betancuria North v140 pins



  1. The Bear Pit
  2. 2, Acorn Street
  3. Entrance to Sewers
  4. Bakery
  5. 19, Acorn Street
  6. 5, Castle Street
  7. The Lion's Head Inn
  8. Bath House
  9. Carla's Palace of Beauty
  10. Gaston the Tailor
  11. Mart's House
  12. Healer and Fortune Teller
  13. Dressmaker
  14. The Felgen Mining Company
  15. Alchemist
  16. Gloili's Exquisite Wares
  17. Bags and Pouches
  18. Igor's Smithy
  19. Market (Yance)
  20. Jeweler
  21. Talana's Lingerie Store
  22. Tea Shop
  23. Temple
  24. Academy
  25. Dhorn Barracks