A Dance with Rogues

Betancuria South is one of three sections of the city of Betancuria. It primarily features the harbor, but there's also a few shops, merchants, and entertainment-related establishments, and is generally not a safe place to be at night. Major structures include the One Thousand Steps Inn, the Wizard's Tower, the Mayor's Mansion, and The Swordfish. The main areas of interest are the Warehouse, found near the harbor, the One Thousand Steps Inn, near the Ranger's Guild, the Wizard's Tower on the Isle of Men, and Barich's Tavern, found near The Wildcat. There are a few empty buildings near the harbor, which are often used for unsavory purposes. Betancuria South borders with North and the road at the south gate.


  • Barich's Tavern is always open, but it's only busy at night.
  • The Swordfish, a large and rowdy tavern, is only open at night.
  • There are a number of Dhorn soldiers in the area. Any illegal activities should be carefully executed.


Betancuria South pins



  1. Ferry
  2. Dark Alley
  3. Run-down Building
  4. Tanner
  5. 17, Riverroad
  6. 7, Lark Street
  7. Instruments
  8. Ranger Guild
  9. One Thousand Steps Inn
  10. Window
  11. Wizard's Tower
  12. Mayor's Mansion
  13. Old Harbor Street
  14. Sea Food
  15. Herol's Imported Goods
  16. Barich's Tavern
  17. The Wildcat
  18. Ferry
  19. The Swordfish
  20. Warehouse