A Dance with Rogues

Sziths' Lair is located within the Black Mountains. The lair can be accessed from the peaks of the Black Mountains, the cliffs on level 3, and a secret passage within the caves at the base of the mountain in the forest.

Levels 1 and 2 are the least developed, both have a number of traps but otherwise contain minimal resistance. The 3rd level is a mostly open, cavernous area, with a large amount of treasure. Level 4 is the lowest and most well developed area of Sziths' Lair, featuring a large stone statue, a unique fire breathing device, and convenient exits to the Tunnels below the Black Mountains and the caves found in the forest of the Mountains.


Black Mountains, Sziths Lair, level 4 pins
  1. Stairs up to level 3
  2. Fire Breather
  3. Wall Breach to Black Mountains: Caves
  4. To Tunnels below the Black Mountains


See Chapter 2: Sziths' Lair