A Dance with Rogues

After Captured is complete, when you enter Betancuria South via any entrance (including via the sewer network), you will be approached by the Bearded Man who will offer a "proposition": 50,000gp for him not to go back to the Dhorn and grass you up. He will give you a key to the House south of the Flagon Tavern opposite the Academy in Betancuria North and instructions to deposit the gold into the chest (there is only one) within 24 hours.

You can tell Nathan about this encounter. He will offer 5,000gp towards the cost of the bribe, and tells you to make the drop off and stay clear, other agents will follow the blackmailer.

When you open the chest in that house, then the bearded man will appear, take the amount directly from your inventory and teleport away. The agents from the family will come out with nothing.

As with Spotted!, you can escape from conversation and the quest will not be triggered But he'll show up again, when you enter Southern B. again.

This quest is completed by killing Andrik Snyder during the Missing Pia quest, but you won't get any money back.