A Dance with Rogues

Bran is a strong barbarian with big head, big arms, big muscles, big sword... well you get the point. He is from the desert land of Churn, a home to many barbarian tribes and clans, constantly warring among themselves.

Bran is good at heart, not the least bit prudish and likes easy women and hard fights equally. Although he is flirtatious and easygoing, Bran is very careful when choosing long term partners and commits only to people who are close to him in spirit.

The Princess meets Bran originally in Westwood during Chapter 1 in the beginning of Part Two together with his equally energetic sister Norah, and Bran instantly starts to flirt with her. He gives some pointers to the Princess about the whereabouts of her lost companions and can later be persuaded to join her party with his sister after the Princess's raid on Westwood Castle.

Henchman Data[]


  • Bran was added to Part Two in version 1.12b.
  • Bran is the only companion who doesn't have a unique portrait. He shares it with Drago Blake.
  • Immram Brain (maic Febail), "The Voyage of Bran (son of Febal)" is a tale from the Irish mythology of a man's journey across the sea to avenge his father's murder.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Bran and Norah descend from a warring clans of Canoo Mountains in the land of Churn. The two were the only survivors when their clan was slaughtered by a rival clan led by shaman called Chruz-Pa or a "Blood King", an evil man they now persecute, to avenge their ancestors fate. Being children they were taken by the victors to be used as a sacrifice to Gods, but have managed to stay alive and later escaped thanks to a revolt which broke against the Chruz-Pa in his clan. Since then, they have been travelling from place to place in the sole purpose of finding this man, a path which led them far from their homeland.

Bran and Norah arrived in Westwood with a trade caravan where they have served as guardsmen. Prior to them joining up with the Princess they have had only one hostile encounter with the Dhorn, after one of a Dhorn patrols confronted a caravan owner.

It takes some time for Bran and Norah to share the nature of their quest with the princess, for they consider it a matter that concerns no one else, especially someone they don't entirely trust yet. But during the time the party spends together, observing the princess' deeds, brother and sister can learn to trust her, and the princess has the opportunity to make Bran ponder could life be more than just seeking revenge, would it not be wiser to enjoy the gift of life, maybe even retire somewhere and start his people anew. He promises to think about it, and at a turning point in the game, after learning of the Chruz-Pa whereabouts, Bran may decide to change his priorities in life.

Part One[]

Bran doesn't appear during Part One.

Part Two[]

Bran joins the Princess with his sister Norah following orcs invasion of Westwood. They travel with the Princess trough Abandoned Mine until they reach the City of Dwarves. If the Princess succeeds to make Bran fall in love with her, Bran will confront Vico in Dwarven Inn and stay with the Princess for the rest of her journey. Otherwise Bran and Norah will leave for good.

Bran travels together with the Princess into the Underdark and gets captured along with other Princess's companions by the drow. He is sold to captivity to House Rilynett and is used by the house's Matron as her plaything. The Princess finds him there, just as he slays the Matron and they escape together from the Underdark. Bran proposes the Princess to marry her while the pair are visiting Moonville, but due to some formal considerations local priest refuses to do it. Bran further continues to accompany the Princess on her journey until the end of the story.

The Romance[]

Since version 1.20, Bran's relationship is much easier to get going. First, you must not be in a relationship with Pia (see note below). Second, you should be respectful and help those in need. Third, avoid Vico's advances through the mines. When you get to the Dwarven Inn, Vico should ask you upstairs for a chat. If he's extremely unhappy or disapproving of your behavior and leadership, Bran may quickly follow you up. If Vico isn't sure what to make of your behavior, you may have to play the hurt princess before Bran appears. If Vico and Bran engage in a duel, you have to side with Bran or his romance will not start. If you've done everything right, Bran will stay with you in the bedroom upstairs and you can engage in dialogue with him. When you return downstairs, Norah will attempt to leave the party, but Bran will want both of them to stay with the Princess. It won't happen right away, but things heat up after dealing with Sziths. If you did not rescue Vico from the Dhorn prison cell in Westwood, then Bran will stay with the Princess after the rest in the Dwarven Inn, irrespective of any romantic link with the Princess.

Important: If you're in a relationship with Pia and are unable to find a way out, you can use the "dm_setvarint Relationship 0" debug mode command (then click on Pia) to end it. This is best done before the battle on Westwood's docks.
Spoiler: Bran's romance really picks up after you rescue him in the Underdark.