A Dance with Rogues

Caron is one of The Family's rogues, who usually can be found in The Bear Pit. He is a few years older than the Princess, and by no means a master rogue. Because of his relatively low rank, most of his roguish charm is directed at female workers of the Bear Pit.

Like the Princess, Caron received training in pickpocketing from Yance some five - six years ago, although he was younger than her at the time. Caron is not originally from Betancuria. He never knew his father, and his mother who worked as a kitchen girl in a tavern had been killed. He arrived to Betancuria as an apprentice with a fruit trader, but ran away and took refuge on the streets. Yance saw Caron trying to pick pocket an old lady, took him in and showed him the ropes. Caron's interest in girls manifested itself at a young age, as his early ambitions were to become a pimp. The opportunities provided by The Family proved more alluring to him, however.

Caron is friendly to the Princess and likes to teach her various roguish tricks (such as pickpocketing), preferably while fondling her butt in the process. Despite his obvious interest, Caron is careful not to hurt the Princess's feelings and is a good friend to her, something that seems to invoke jealousy in Trissa, who is obviously interested in Caron. Caron himself claims he does not return her feelings, and although he has slept with Trissa before, he claims it was only to help her feel less lonely.

Caron is always happy to chat with the Princess about the progress she's making in her training, and readily shares with her his knowledge about The Family, including juicy gossip about its members and associates. He possesses a dirty mind and a quick wit, as proven by his dialogue and jokes. He does not seem aware of the Princess's true identity, something that can indicate that low ranking members of The Family do not know who she truly is. Neither is he aware of what happened to her on the night of her arrival at the Bear Pit, though he suspects it was something terrible.

In the beginning of the story Caron mainly stays at the second floor of The Bear Pit doing various menial tasks for Chella, but he is later sent on an important mission for The Family.


  • Caron was added to Part One in version 1.20.
  • Caron as a form of Katharine is actually a female name and derives from the Greek word meaning "pure". In Welsh Caron means "loving" or "kind".
  • Caron weighs 150 lbs. (68 kg)
  • Caron shares his last name with Vald and Hard Davis. It's unknown whether or not any of them are related.