A Dance with Rogues

A friendly Shadow can be found in a small room on level 6 of the tomb on the Isle of Prisoners. The shadow was a King Amraphenneset's cleric, who have suceeded to escape the demon invasion following the breach which led to the destruction of the King's Amraphenneset kingdom. The cleric was protected from the demons by the sacred ground of the chapel, but had no food and have killed himself before starving to death. He turned into a shadow and have remained in the chapel ever since.

Spoiler: The shadow tells this story (combined from various dialog threads) about the destruction of the castle: "I once was a cleric before evil befell the castle. This room is the sanctum of the castle's chapel. It is sacred soil you find yourself on, mortal. The bishop convinced the King to commence a ritual that summoned mighty allies to his side. I remember! I was there that night! The whole castle was shaking! It was like a giant earthquake! Most of the cellars collapsed We thought him a man of good, but he was not. It was his influence that made the king spill his own blood. I do not know what his motives were, but no doubt he was evil. The breach is like a hole in the wall that seperates the world of the living from other planes of existence. Like a tunnel to whatever world lies on the other side. That night when the breach was created, things were coming out of the dark! Evil things! They slaughtered the castle's residents! Only I managed to escape! I locked myself up in this room. Its protective magic saved me. I was trapped, however. I could not leave. Monsters roamed the castle! They were waiting for me. Patiently. I saw their faces, staring. So when I was out of food, I killed myself before the hunger drove me to open the sacred door! Yet I did not die, for reasons unknown to me. I am forced to haunt this place. They wander through the corridors, undead creatures they have become like me. I suspect it is the influence of a terrible force lurking on the other side of the breach."


  • Slightly different version of the castle destruction story is told by Maren.


Tomb, Dhorn Prison, levels 5 and 6