A Dance with Rogues
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Cata is one of The Family's assassins and is considered to be high in the Family hierarchy, though her exact position isn't disclosed. Most of the times she can be found in the hideout with Alfons. She doesn't talk much and she doesn't need to. Her posture, manner and clothes say it all.


  • According to Caron, Cata gives him the creeps.
  • Cata is one of the few top Family members whom Nathan has revealed the Princess' true identity.
  • Cata's role was significantly expanded in the 1.40 version of the module.
  • The combination of Cata's interest in sorcery with her career as an assassin resembles similar interests expressed by Jacia.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

Towards the end of Part 1 after the Bank Raider quest, Cata voices a stern opposition to the Alfons' proposal to send a rescue party into Dhorn territory to try to free Nathan and others captured by the Dhorn. Instead Cata reveals true identity of the Princess to the rest of Family members, and tells them that the Dhorn authorities have offered an amnesty and a hefty sum of money in return for giving her. Cata convinces many Family members to favour her proposal and stand up to Alfons, and subsequently finds her death in a bloody fight which breaks out as a result.