A Dance with Rogues

The note can be found in the Chancellor's desk in the Teachers' Quarters of the Academy in Betancuria North.


It has always been my intention to only accept the very finest students when it comes to the more advanced classes. Alas, a lot of people fail to understand that in order to achieve this, one has to be savagely strict when deciding which student may continue his or her studies and who must leave the academy.

I refuse to allow more than twenty percent of a class to graduate for it is so highly unlikely that more than these will be successful in their studies later on.

Sadly, some of my colleagues do not agree. I had to personally kick out a number of Lecturer K.T.'s students. She may be a decent wizard, but she lacks the toughness our business sometimes requires. In any case, the fact that the parents of some of those kicked out students dared show up and complain loudly only reassures me in my decision. After all, does a decent wizard have to hide behind his or her parents?