A Dance with Rogues

Character portraits play a significant role in A Dance With Rogues, both for the sake of immersion and practical purposes. Although heads, skin color and hair color allow a great deal of customization options, character portraits really help define the character and make them truly unique.  Portraits are required for both player characters and NPCs.

Based on the Aurora engine, ADwR allows you to choose from a set of standard Bioware portraits when creating your character, but you may also choose to download custom portraits, or even create your own.

Creating custom portraits:[]

Things you will need:

-An image editing program with the ability to save to .TGA format

-A picture you want to turn into a portrait of your character (the higher resolution, the better)


Picture before formatting into portrait size. (Image size is heavily reduced)

Step 1: Cut out whatever part of the picture that you want to use, crop and resize it until it's 256 x 400 pixels.

Step 2: Create a new blank image. This should be 256 x 512 pixels.

Step 3: Cut and paste your resized image into the blank frame and slide it to the upper part of the frame so the lower part of the image is left blank.

Step 4: Save the image as whatever_H.TGA. (*)

Step 5: Resize the image to 128 x 256 pixels.  Save it as a new file named whatever_L.TGA. (*)

Step 6:Resize the image to 64 x 128pixels. Save it as a new file named whatever_M.TGA. (*)

Step 7: Resize the image to 32 x 64 pixels. Save it as a new file named whatever_S.TGA. (*)

Step 8: Resize the image to 16 x 32 pixels. Save it as a new file named whatever_T.TGA. (*)

Step 9: Move all images to the portrait folder located in your Neverwinter Nights directory.

(*) You can name the files whatever you like, as long as you make sure they share the same name, add the appropriate letter at the end of the file and make sure you save it in .TGA (TARGA) format.


The complete _H.tga should look like this. Notice the empty spacing at the bottom of the picture.

Player-made portraits:[]

Link to site with portraits for ADwR, coming soon.