A Dance with Rogues

Chella is a big woman with a heart to match it. She's in charge of the kitchens at The Bear Pit, and rules with both ladle and fist.  She is an authoritative woman who is well-liked and respected by the rest of The Family, although her history with them remains unknown to the Princess.  She does however seem to have strong ties to Master Nathan.

Chella is very kind to the Princess. She takes care of her after the Dhorn attack and helps her as much as she can, even offering to lend her a dress that belonged to her late daughter. Not much is known about this young woman who died of fever some years ago; her name remains unknown, but she was about the same age as the Princess. There are no clues as to who the father of Chella's daughter is. Coincidentally a reference is made to Nathan having a daughter as well, but whether Chella had her late daughter with Nathan remains unknown. The relationship between Chella and Nathan seems somewhat formal, if caring, at least from Chella's side. She treats Nathan with respect and calls him "Master Nathan" in front of others, but in a private conversation with the Princess she describes Nathan as a "grumpy bear" who "has a big heart somewhere deep inside" even if he "likes playing the tough guy".

In Part One, Chella can initially be found on the second floor of The Bear Pit. She instructs the Princess in how to disguise herself during Lesson 1.


  • Chella's name is a derivation of Michelle, which comes from Hebrew and means "who is like God".
  • Both Chella and Nathan has Hebrew names.