A Dance with Rogues

Christano Arniman is a middle aged paladin of the Church of the Sun Lord. He is on a voluntary mission to reclaim the Golden Chalice for the church, as it was stolen many years ago by followers of an evil cult. What drives him in his passion to find the Chalice, whether it's true religious zeal or the prestige of reclaiming the artifact, is not entirely clear. Christano is accompanied by a cleric named Myra Waynolt. The Princess meets them both in Part One in the One Thousand Steps Inn, and joins the duo on their quest in exchange for a hefty reward. This begins the The Golden Chalice quest, most of which involves exploring the Temple of Hyath.

Gameplay Notes[]

  • Christano's skills and abilities are that of a fairly traditional paladin, and include both Smite Evil and Turn Undead.
  • He starts out well equipped, with a custom made magical full-plate armor, an enchanted longsword and a shield.


  • Christano shares a portrait with Arto Benthur, which is quite strange, considering they are both prominent characters in Part One.
  • Valine has stated that Christano and Myra are loosely based on a couple she once knew in real life.

Plot Significance[]

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Spoilers follow.

The Past[]

Christano has no siblings, and his parents were killed when bandits attacked their farm. He was raised as a paladin in a monastery of the Sun Lord. Apparently Myra, also an orphan, was raised in the same monastery.

Part One[]

Christano, along with Myra, is a valuable addition to the Princess's party in the undead-infested Temple of Hyath.

Christano is romantically involved with Myra, but the depth of his feelings towards her are suspect, as he expresses sexual interest towards the Princess. If the Princess gives in to his advances, she discovers he is a very selfish lover. Despite not being very loyal to Myra, he still harbors deep feelings for her, and will attack the Princess in blind rage while accusing her, should Myra meet her demise.

Part Two[]

Christano's main appearance is in Part One, but he has a short appearance towards the end of Part Two as well, albeit when the Princess meets him there, he is is a changed person.