A Dance with Rogues

All base classes and prestige classes of Neverwinter Nights and its expansions are available in A Dance with Rogues. There is virtually nothing stopping you from choosing any class or combination you might desire, apart from the increased difficulties with skill checks as the game progresses. It's also a pure single-player module, and while your choice of class will affect the dialogue in minor ways, armor and weapon proficiencies, and the overall game experience, ultimately it will only affect the player.

However, for those who wish to roleplay and immerse themselves in the setting, picking classes is often a bit more complicated, as you would also wish to remain true to your character's background, race, age, gender, personality, culture, and the game's setting.

This guide will provide a simple breakdown of all classes to make it easier to find the class combination for the Princess you wish to create. It is not meant to be a set of rules and restrictions, but rather a tool to help enhance your roleplay experience.

For more in depth information and class descriptions, consult Character Builds page and the NWN Class Guide.

Base Classes[]

The base classes are available at character creation. Some of them have restrictions regarding alignment, which should be taken into consideration if planning to multiclass.


Growing up in a castle in a civilized city, barbarian does not make a very realistic class choice during Part One of the module. However, it would be more than possible for the Princess to gain levels in the barbarian class after growing more accustomed to the great outdoors, and after meeting Bran and Norah, especially if romantically involved with Bran.


Music is a universal and timeless art, and talent is a gift that anyone can possess. Musical education is not uncommon among noble families, so it would be entirely possible for the Princess to possess levels in the bard class, with or without the influence of Pia.


Religion and faith is widespread, and it's completely possible that the Princess would have received clerical training or possesses a talent for divine channeling. A few deities are mentioned in ADwR, yet little is known about them.


Unlike the cleric class, druids draw upon the forces of nature in order to shapeshift and cast spells. They often dislike cities, and it would seem unlikely that they would have any connection to the castle. Druidic spells are not innate, but a result of wisdom, faith and rigorous training. Druids are very uncommon throughout the entire module, although their existence has been documented, as explained by accompanying Anden to the barrens outside of Betancuria. However, they have been gone for a long time.


As the most basic of all classes, it's fully possible that the Princess received training in using weapons and armor while in the castle, especially if she was the heir to the throne. In addition, she receives significant life-or-death combat experience throughout the entire module.


Masters of martial arts and disciplined devotees, monks are not a very common sight in Betancuria, although the city does deal in foreign trading. Hatori and his student Taka do seem to be in possession of monk levels though, and although Hatori doesn't take on female pupils, the Princess' brief encounter with Taka's fighting technique could serve as an introduction to the monk class.


Religious and lawful warriors, the paladin could also be a likely path for the Princess to follow for the same reasons as the cleric and fighter classes, assuming she received basic training while in the castle or had a revelation at some point. The alignment restriction may provide some interesting moral conflicts and dilemmas.


During her trip to the woods during Lesson 7 and upon meeting Anden, the Princess is presented with the option to tell him she has been in the woods and possesses knowledge of wilderness survival, or that she possesses no knowledge of the aforementioned skill. In both cases, ranger levels would be a realistic choice to pick after being educated by Anden on the way back to Betancuria, but the Princess may also have previous experience in the ranger class due to hunting trips.


Even if the Princess did not have any knowledge of rogue-related skills and feats while in the castle, her initial starting level in the rogue class can be justified by the basic training Caron gives her during the two months following her rescue. Being part of The Family, and given the module's theme, gaining levels in the rogue class would be the most obvious choice.


Sorcerers are spellcasters whose powers are based solely on their innate ability to perform magic. Like musical talent, this ability can manifest itself in anyone. It can be discovered at different stages or situations in life, if discovered at all. It's completely possible that the Princess could be born with such an ability, whether or not she is aware of it.


Arcane spellcasters whose magic is a result of learning and memorization. High intelligence is required, but, theoretically, anyone could become a wizard with the proper training or devotion. It's possible that the Princess received magical training within the castle, even if she did not study at the Betancuria Academy.

Prestige Classes[]

The prestige classes cannot be taken at character creation. They have specific requirements regarding e.g. alignment, feats and/or skills that must be fulfilled in order to take levels of the prestige class in question.

Arcane Archer[]

Elven or half-elven archers in possession of magic as well as a lethal skill with the bow. As a princess of a human society with human parentage, such a restriction would make this class an impossibility if you wish to stay true to the lore of the module.


Should the Princess happen to be or become of evil alignment, it's realistic for her to gain assassin levels at some point. It's also closely related to the rogue class, and they compliment each other well.


Blackguard is another class likely to be pursued by an evil Princess. In essence it's like an evil version of the paladin class, but with looser restrictions and higher requirements. It's also the active class of Vico, which could affect the Princess' decision to specialize in the class, either out of admiration or spite.

Champion of Torm[]

The name Torm is not mentioned during the game, though according to both the class description and Forgotten Realms lore, he is "the patron of paladins and an unswerving enemy of corruption and evil". Whether or not there is a deity sharing the same name within the module's setting remains unclear, and is until proven left to the player's imagination.

Dwarven Defender[]

Dwarven defender requires the character to be a dwarf, and if you wish to remain true to the setting, this is an impossibility.

Harper Scout[]

Harpers are an organization/secret society unique to the Forgotten Realms setting, and as such they are not mentioned or introduced to the player through the course of the story. It would make a highly unlikely class choice, especially considering the class description and certain class specific features named after Forgotten Realms deities.

Pale Master[]

An arcane spellcaster specializing in necromancy, this class is a possible option for any non-good Princess. However, some of the unique traits this class brings would normally invoke strong reactions from others, yet they go unnoticed as no reactions to pale masters are included in the scripts, making it seem quite unrealistic. These traits include bone skin and corpse-like features, as the caster gradually becomes similar to a lich.

Purple Dragon Knight[]

The Purple Dragon Knight of Cormyr is a Forgotten Realms specific class, and focuses heavily around mounted combat introduced by the 1.69 patch. ADwR was created before this patch was released, so avoiding picking mount-related skills and features is advisable, as mounts can cause conflicts at certain event triggers and there are no scripted reactions to them within the module.

Red Dragon Disciple[]

With powers based on dragon blood running through their veins, red dragon disciples aren't an entirely unrealistic class choice, as dragons are often known to take human shape to walk among them unnoticed, and sometimes even leave behind half-dragon offspring with human appearance. However, for similar reasons as the pale master class, it's hard to believe no one would notice your wings. Thus it would be logical for roleplay reasons to not reach 9 levels of this class during the course of the module.


Perhaps the most commonly chosen prestige class for rogues among ADwR players, shadowdancers are masters of stealth and can even hide after being spotted. As they are essentially a kind of illusionist, who also deal in trickery and acrobatics, it's not an unrealistic class choice.


A prestige class based on the druid class, shifter is not a very likely choice of class for the same reasons that are listed in the druid section.

Weapon Master[]

Essentially warriors specializing in a single melee weapon, weapon masters are loosely based on mythical warriors of eastern lore. It is mentioned in the course of the story that Hatori is a weapon master. It's a possible choice of a prestige class for a combat-focused Princess.