A Dance with Rogues

Here are listed some frequently used console commands. For general instructions on using console commands see Debug mode.

Remove Darkness[]

Useful when darkness doesn't disapper after sleep or a sex scene due to a bug.

dm_runscript do_rem_darkness

Enter Mayor's Mansion[]

Useful during the Mayor's Mansion quest, if the Majordomo refuses to let the Princess enter despite having no other belongings except for the special diary and dancer's dress.

dm_runscript do_enter_majorho

Spawn Pia's Rings[]

Useful to spawn one of Pia's rings to keep her for Part Two

dm_spawnitem item085 (to spawn Pia's Friendship Ring)

dm_spawnitem item083 (to spawn Pia's Love Ring)

Break relationship[]

Useful to allow development of relationship with other love interests than the one involved with. For example to break relationship with Pia at the start of Part Two to allow romance with Bran.

dm_setvarint Relationship 0

Change appearance to human[]

Useful for those wishing to play a smaller than human race and avoid visual problmes with unfitting clothing. Note that half-elf is also an option that won't mess the visuals.

dm_ChangeAppearance human (to change the character's appearance to human)

dm_ChangeAppearance halfelf (to change the character's appearance to half-elf)