A Dance with Rogues

The purpose of the A Dance with Rogues wiki is to provide a common resource for players and the community. Contributions are welcomed and appreciated, but we ask contributors to consider the following guidelines.

Content guidelines[]

General content[]

Anything related to the A Dance with Rogues series may be posted on the wiki. The tone of the contribution may vary between fun/funny and serious, but the content itself should always be factually correct or an effort made to that end. If there are questions surrounding the correctness of a particular contribution, it can be noted in the article itself or on the Talk page (Discussion tab) of the article. Original and creative materials, such as fanfics, aren't subjected to this requirement.

Adult content[]

Although the A Dance with Rogues series is intended for adults and contains a considerable amount of sexually explicit content, many of these situations can be avoided or the experience lessened during gameplay depending on the player's choices. The wiki is open to everyone and both readers and players alike will have varying levels of comfort in this regard. Wikia and their advertisers also have certain restrictions on the content, that is open to interpretation, but generally understood to be leaning more toward pornography than fictional erotica. The contents of the wiki should be managed with this in mind.

Portraits and images of characters who are nude or semi-nude in their in their natural (usual) appearance, such as Maren Amraphenneset, Orc Camp slaves, or succubi are perfectly acceptable and artificial attempts to conceal this is discouraged. Nude images of other characters are allowed if used to better document or describe the situation, such as a character being taken captive and stripped of their belongings. Images of sexual contact is generally discouraged, unless it can be portrayed in a tasteful manner.

Each case will vary. If you have questions, use the Talk page of the particular article.

Updating existing content[]

Language and grammar corrections are always welcome, as are adding details and missing content. If the update involves large changes to the existing content and/or removing existing content, discussion on the Talk page (Discussion tab) of the article is encouraged.


  • Linking between articles is encouraged. It's usually enough to link the first appearance of a person, thing or concept in an article or, in long articles, the first appearance in a section.
  • The wiki generally reflects the latest versions of the modules. Information on changes between the versions are welcome, however, although they should be identified as such.

Article layout and organization[]

Although the wiki is still evolving, there should now be enough articles to cover all of the major areas for use as examples when adding new or editing existing articles. The general rule of thumb should be to look to these as examples and to use templates when possible.

Article types[]

This is not an exhaustive list but rather a look at particular article types.

Character articles[]

Character articles should use the Infobox character template. A number of examples can be seen throughout the wiki, including the articles for Pia, Vico, and Master Nathan. A number of male and female portraits have been uploaded to the wiki. If you cannot find the appropriate portrait, you may be able to extract it using the Neverwinter Nights editor and upload it to the wiki. Character articles should also include a link to their residence, if any.

Area articles[]

Areas articles with an overview image should use the Infobox area template. These articles will vary depending on the size and importance. Larger areas containing many points of interest, such as Betancuria North, Betancuria South, and Westwood should consist of a general description (preferably with an image giving an overview) and a list of places that corresponds to a numbered mini map. Smaller areas with little of interest or those that only serve as an intermediary between areas may not need to be fully documented. It's not necessary to note every pin on the mini map, but plot areas, interesting structures, and passages leading to other maps should be documented, whereas purposeless areas or structures, such as the Boathouse in Betancuria South, do not.

Structure articles[]

The articles for residences and places of business should contain a link back to the resident(s), worker(s), notable visitors/patrons, and/or owner(s), as is seen on 19, Lark Street, Hideout, and Tald's Tavern.

Quest articles[]

Quest articles are usually divided into an overview part that is low on spoilers and written in the 3rd person, and a walkthrough part full of spoilers and written in the 2nd person. See for example Lesson 1.


In order to fully document the character, quest, or area, it may be necessary to include spoilers. This is not discouraged, but it is important to properly denote the text as to not spoil anything for the reader. There are two templates available for this purpose. The Spoilers template (plural) is used for entire articles, sections, and large contiguous blocks of text, while the Spoiler template (singular) is used for small amounts of text, like a few sentences or a small paragraph (or two). Usage and documentation of each can be found on the respective template page. Examples of the Spoilers template can be found on the Part One Walkthrough, Part One, and Pia articles. Examples of the Spoiler template can be found on Alfons Fryar, The Swordfish, and Whore.

Recurring subheadings[]

Each article should be divided to sections as is fitting for its contents keeping legibility in mind. There are also several recurring subheadings that are used for particular purposes. See for example Pia.

Henchman Data[]

This section is used in companion articles and contains information related to NWN rules (as opposed to story related information) useful to a player. Examples of this are classes and feats.


It is preferable to put short sideline observations, insights and other notes in their own subsection. Notes section is used for any that are related to the story. See also Trivia.


Quest articles are usually divided into an overview part that is low on spoilers and written in the 3rd person, and a walkthrough part.

Plot Significance[]

It's often useful to have a general part at the beginning of an article. Unless the whole article is spoiler material, this part should contain none or only minor spoilers. In quest articles this part is called Overview; many other articles don't have a subheading for the section.

Many articles have a separate section for plot significant content. The whole section is usually marked with a spoiler warning and is often further divided to Part One, Part Two, The Romance or any other subheadings the contents may require.


Trivia section is for content that is (only) loosely related to the topic. For example: origin of name, author of poem, observations on similarity of last names, unconfirmed speculations.


Quest articles are usually divided into an overview part and a walkthrough part with the appropriate spoiler warning. The walkthrough section is written in 2nd person.

Language, spelling, and grammar[]

This wiki and the A Dance with Rogues series are written in English, so all contributions are expected to be in English. We're a relatively small community with an even smaller number of wiki contributors, and many in the community are not native speakers. Contributions with proper spelling and grammar are preferred, but legible content is all that really matters. Other editors who are better with English can and will make any minor adjustments as needed.

Narrative mode[]

Most articles on the wiki are informative and/or tell a story and should be written in the 3rd person narrative ("The Princess and her party make their way across the bridge, further into the tomb."), while walkthroughs are more instructional and should be written in 2nd person ("You should closely examine the room for traps.").


  • "The Princess" at the beginning of a sentence; "the Princess" in the middle of a sentence.


The contents of the wiki are licensed under the GFDL. See Copyrights for more information. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should not contribute.