A Dance with Rogues

Dan Addams is a young man who lives with his family at 17, Riverroad in Betancuria South. He was a student at the Academy before the Dhorn closed it down, and has a unique knowledge of the ins and outs of its structure and personnel. He moves to Sargoza with a few friends to continue his studies when it becomes apparent that the Dhorn would not be reopening the Academy anytime soon.


  • Starting with v1.30 of the module, the Princess can have sex with Dan if she fancies to do so. Dan Addams and the Princess may make plans to meet again, which seems to suggest that Dan could be a joinable NPC, but said meeting does not materialise, and the Princess may eventually find out that Dan has moved away.
  • Dan Addams has about 3 000 gold and some spells for the Princess to pickpocket.