A Dance with Rogues
Important: This quest was introduced in Valine's Extended Edition remake of Part One (v2.20). The quest, as well as most of the locations and NPCs involved, do not exist in version 1.50.

After completing Mayor's Mansion, the Princess can gripe to Mando that he should have given her a heads up about the stripping. He'll be shocked to hear what was going on at the mayor's place, and conclude there must be a lot of bribe money changing hands somewhere for the Dhorn to look the other way on such activities.

He'll ask the Princess to investigate further.


  • If the Princess consults with Mando regularly during this quest, he'll tell her various things are too risky and she shouldn't do them. To complete the quest, Mando's advice should be religiously ignored.
  • This quest includes many suggestive encounters, but a Princess who goes in hoping to get laid will find herself disappointed
  • If the Princess feels like she's reached a dead end where she's simply waiting for someone to make a plan, she should advance in the main plot and keep her eyes open for opportunities to have a friendly conversation with someone influential


Fix Me: A number of events in this quest are phrased like they're time-sensitive, and you have opportunities to be very disagreeable. Are there places where the quest can be failed (e.g. if you wait too long or are too rude to someone)?

Getting Started[]

Mando will suggest you start your investigation with Chez Nannia in Betancuria North, the maker of the dancers' dresses. (You may have found a bill in the mansion pointing to the same location, but this isn't required as Mando will have checked the dressmaker regardless.)

Upon entering Chez Nannia, you'll find Evana the head dancer talking to Nannia, looking upset and disheveled. Evana will let you know that the mayor was attacked by an assassin last night after the party, but eventually she'll start asking about you. She's impressed with how easily you charmed Lord Tendenberry (and thanks to the distracting assassination, she'll have no idea if you subsequently faked him out and had all the guards searching for you.) After feeling you out, she'll ask you to meet her in the bath house for a job offer.

Job Offer[]

Head to the bath house and buy a ticket (or sneak) to access the baths. You'll find Evana in the center pool along the back wall, along with a new couple: Lukrezia and Quintan Batatian. They aren't sold on Evana's plan for how to leverage you, but Lukrezia thinks you would be great as her personal maid. She'll ask you to meet them at their home, at 8 Jester Way, the next day just after sunrise.

You can go give Mando an update at this point, and at many other points throughout this quest. He'll tell you that the Family should definitely send someone to Lukrezia's, but that it's too dangerous to send you and he'll arrange for one of the other girls to go. Mando is a funsuck and should be ignored. Go anyway.

First Day of Maid-hood[]

8 Jester Way is the Batatian School of Gladiators.

Once you let the butler know who you are, he'll let you in and give you your uniform. Put it on and he’ll bring you up to Lukrezia. (Your character will comment on the lack of panties, but this is not a required part of the uniform: you can change the accessories later if you'd like.)

Lukrezia's first task for you will be a rather intimate shaving job. If you were hoping for more: alas, duty calls. Help her dress and follow her down to watch a gladiator deathmatch.

Afterwards, you're asked to attend the household during a meal, where you'll overhear some interesting conversation.

In late afternoon, Lukrezia will dismiss you for the day and ask you to come back tomorrow morning, as she, Quintan, and Evana will start going at it in the middle of the room. Make your exit, or poke around while they're distracted if you'd like.

YellowExclamation30.png    WARNING
Spoilers follow.

Second Day of Maid-hood[]

No one will greet you at the door on day 2. Upon entering, you'll find the butler dead in the hallway.

Head upstairs and you'll find Evana dead and Lukrezia and Quintan tied up in their bedroom, being threatened by the gladiator who won yesterday's match.

Lukrezia will yell at you to run--if you do, the gladiator will chase you. You can also attack him or talk him into running.

Whichever way you dispose of the gladiator, Quintan will realize that you're more than you claimed. He'll ask you to set up a meeting with your superiors, and offer to trade info for protection.

Fix Me: Is there any other outcome possible here? (Gladiator killing one or both of them, or successfully running for help?)

The Meeting[]

Report to Mando in the hideout. He'll want to meet Quintan and Lukrezia in the bath house, where it will be difficult to set up an ambush. You can ask to attend, but he will remain a funsuck.

Head back to Lukrezia and Quintan’s house and let them know about the meeting. They'll head out.

Fix Me: Does the time you tell them for the meeting impact this in any way?

Upon leaving the house, you'll be approached by a strange man who wants to know where Quintan and Lukrezia are. Clearly this is the type of pressing development that merits walking in on Mando naked. To the bath house! (Stealthily.)

You’ll find everyone in the same place you met Evana before, and will learn that a Sargozan drug cartel wants to purchase your family's old castle and raze it as part of a money laundering scheme. The man you met is Seril, a Sargozan assassin.

Next Steps[]

Next time you enter the Family Hideout, you’ll be stopped by Vico (even if it’s at a stage where he’s usually gone from the hideout). He wants you to go back to the house as bait to lure out Seril so he can take care of him.

You can also chat with Lukrezia, Quentin, and Mando at the hideout. If you ask Mando about Vico’s proposal, he’ll say he told Vico it’s the stupidest plan he ever heard and warn you not to go along with it…but as we’ve established, Mando’s a funsuck. Feel free to go anyway.

Fix Me: Is luring out Seril optional or required to close the quest?

Luring Out Seril[]

Run boldly into the Batatian School of Gladiators. No one explicitly said anything about wearing your maid outfit, but you do get an opportunity to insist you’re just the maid, so do as you like.

Looking out over the balcony above the gladiator pits, you’ll notice a few things have changed below. Head down to investigate. (Note: just before entering the main chamber of the pits is a good time to save.)

In the pit you’ll find three new suspiciously familiar bodies. As soon as you get close to one of them, Seril will enter behind you. He’ll want what you know, and when he can’t get any information, he’ll threaten you. At this point Vico, who's been playing dead, will get up and interrupt.

Vico will yell for you to get out of the way as several other Family members with bows spring up on the balcony. Sit back and watch him get beat on, pull out a ranged weapon, or ignore him and get in there yourself: whichever you like. As usual for Vico, his dialogue tree after the fight has a lot of mutually exclusive branches with different tones, so if exploring them appeals to you, you may want to make a (non-quick to be safest) save as Seril goes down.

Once Seril is dead, Vico will have something to say. There’s nothing plotty here so follow your heart on whether to ignore him, thank him, snark/flirt until Timo pointedly cuts in to interrupt you two, etc.

Loot Seril before you leave: he has a +2 sword and Greater Silent Slippers.

Afterwards you can go talk to a number of people about this operation: Master Nathan as well as Mando, Quentin, and Lukrezia in the hideout.

Closing Out[]

There's nothing more to do on this quest until you reach the Bank Raider quest in the main plot. As soon as Simon is in your party, you can ask for a chat. He's not too concerned about stopping the plan to raze the castle, though he thinks it's stupid, but once you tell him there's a drug cartel involved, he'll get concerned. When he asks about evidence, he'll find a suggestion he search the Mayor's house or talk to Quintan/Lukrezia more reasonable than a suggestion to check Seril’s body, but either way, he'll agree to look more into things and you'll get some experience.