A Dance with Rogues

Delberg Castle is located in Delberg and is home to the Earl. The ground floor has a few bedrooms, a small library, the kitchens, the stables, and a fountain house in the courtyard. There is a wine cellar near the library on the ground floor. The upper floor has the majority of the sleeping quarters, including the Earl's rooms. There is also a large room used for banquets and other festivities.

Spoiler: Delberg Castle, specifically a statue kept within the treasury, is the target of the A Dance with the Devil quest.


Delberg Castle maps
  1. The Princess' room
  2. Stairs down to #10
  3. Ballroom
  4. Stairs down to #11
  5. Lady Mona Waldner (and two male guards)
  6. Thell Bennard (and Adela Cain)
  7. Stairs down to #12
  8. The Earl's room
  9. The Earl's closet and hidden trap door
  10. Stairs up to #2
  11. Stairs up to #4
  12. Stairs down to #7
  13. Stairs down to wine cellar
  14. Ventin Thensbannald's room
  15. The fountain house


See Chapter 6: Delberg Castle