A Dance with Rogues
Greenfork Castle, Main Level

Possible Demon Pox victims

The Demon Pox is a highly contagious disease, which kills within a week just by being in its proximity and requires a powerful magic to cure it.

Spoiler: The Princess is infected with demon pox during the events concerning the Old Man in the Volcano. As she is transported into Delberg County by Hyath, for reasons still subject to debate, the disease was dispelled by him along with all her equipment. On the Greenfork Island, Master Nathan explains to the Princess that the purpose of her infection was the eradication of Delberg County's inhabitants. He also mentions that it is possible for her to still carry the disease within her, but an outburst would take place only if she touches a special ruby decorated ring made for her by Arto Benthur to be used at their supposed planned wedding. One of the possible endings of the game includes her accepting the marriage and the ring, thus releasing the demon pox upon the Dhorn present in Greenfork Castle, including Arto Benthur.