A Dance with Rogues
Betancuria, Dhorn Soldier

A Dhorn Soldier

Dhorn or Dhorn Empire is a large nation, neighboring the Kingdom of Betancuria, which conquers Betancuria in the beginning of the story. It is governed by an Emperor, who has at least four sons.

For a long time Dhorn was Betancurian ally, but shortly before beginning of the story the tides turned, and war between those two nations followed. It is unclear if the Dhorn Empire is bigger in terms of territory or populace then Kingdom of Betancuria, but it is clear that Dhorn were victorious.

Ten years before the beginning of the story, Dhorn Empire together with Betancuria has invaded Sargoza and took over all it's colonies and half of it's territory. It is also known that Dhorn controls the territory of Min Toras, but it's denizens resent the Dhorn rule. According to Simon, the war between Dhorn and Betancuria started after Dhorn Emperor learned that King of Betancuria decided to aid rebellous leader of Min Toras in an attempt to weaken Dhorn, which caused Dhorn to declare war on Betancuria as preventative step.

Dhorn is known for its disciplined and tough soldiers as well as harsh methods when dealing with crime and resistance. Dhorn is described by its nationals as a patriarchal society, where the proper place for a woman is indoors, married and obedient to her husband. Dhorn, at least pro forma, profess sexual conservatism and consider prostitution as well as depiction of nudity a crime.

It seems though that Dhorn attitude is different in Dhorn proper and in conquered territories. In Dhorn cities, guards usually carry weapons with stunning abilities, and much more sexual freedom is tolerated. Yet in conquered Betancuria, thieves are killed on sight, torture is considered a legitimate tool of investigation and prostitution is a capital offence.

Dhorn soldiers wear reddish armor and use predominantly swords and polearms. They don't consider use of magic in combat beneath them and frequently compliment their squads with battle mages or use magically enhanced weapons.

The members of the Dhorn military are divided into the following ranks and military branches:

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  • General
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Commando
  • Armsman
  • Battlemage
  • Guard
  • Houseguard
  • Patrol
  • Soldier


  • Dhorn soldiers should not be engaged in view of other Dhorn, as this will make every Dhorn soldier hostile. It is better to run to secluded spot first.
  • Dhorn patrols are vigilant, but have no patience and see in thieves capture low priority task. If they don't succeed to catch the thief, they spotted, right away, they will soon cease pursuit, and wont even bother to remember the thief's face or try to catch him, should he appear again later.

See Dhorn Characters for a list of notable Dhorn in the game.

"Those Dhorn may be tough warriors, but they stumble over their own feet as soon as you mention tits and cunts."