A Dance with Rogues
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The quest is initiated automatically by approaching Knight Street in Betancuria West, likely on the way to 23, Knight Street for Lesson 5. A Dhorn soldier, Jero Fetton, stops the Princess and accuses her of being a prostitute in hopes of getting her to give him some loving. Timo Kelter, whom Nathan has tasked with protecting the Princess during her lessons, intervenes and chases the horny Dhorn away. Jero tells the Princess that he can be found at Tald's Tavern (Betancuria West).

The quest can be completed only if the Princess accepts the Dhorn Slayer quest from Jacia in the hideout (sewers). One of the Dhorn that Jacia asks the Princess to kill is a friend of Jero's, called Simon.



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This is an optional quest during Part One.

The quest is received automatically but can be completed only after accepting the Dhorn Slayer quest from Jacia in the hideout (sewers).

Finding Simon[]

Go to Tald's Tavern (Betancuria West) and talk to Jero. Leave with him to a more private place and soften him up with some of your "special skill". Jero agrees to set up a meeting with his friend Simon, one of the targets of your assassination quest from Jacia, in a warehouse at 19, Knight Street.

Talk to Simon and convince him that you would be a wonderful playmate... for chess and such. He allows you to come and visit him on the following day at his house on the Isle of Men (Betancuria South).

Visiting Simon[]

Simon's House, upper floor, Meeting

A meeting on the upper floor

Go to Simon's House on the following day. The guard will let you in once you tell him that Simon is expecting you... except that he isn't. He has to urgently return to Dhorn and in the middle of travel preparations has forgotten about you (at  this point you can attack Simon through one of the dialog options, but it is a tough fights with all his guards, and better opportunities may arise later). Other nobles in his household haven't lost their interest in you, however, and you get to talk with them at another part of the house if you like. They have never seen a live prostitute before, so make sure to educate them about your ways. Once the two ladies tire of the shocking entertainment your presence provides, they retire and leave you alone with the Dhorn nobleman. If you're not having second thoughts about your murderous mission, kill him (for a 5 point alignment shift to evil) or just ignore him, as he wont attack you.

You can conveniently sneak past all the guards if you like. Jero sleeps in one of the bedrooms on this floor and Simon in another. Simon is the only one you get paid for killing - and you should make sure to pick his head with you - but if you're in the mood for more Dhorn blood on your hands, you can murder also Jero in his bed (5 point alignment shift to evil per murder).

Proceed downstairs. If your thirst for blood hasn't been sated yet, the obnoxious ladies can be found in their bedrooms. You can leave more stains on Dhorn sheets (for a whooping 10 point alignment shift to evil for each) and collect their dresses as souvenirs.

You can leave the house via the backdoor.

The resolution[]

Take Simon's head to Jacia and claim your reward.

Continue Dhorn Slayer or the rest of Part One.

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.