A Dance with Rogues
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"Oh, and... it would be really sweet if you could bring me the heads of the demised afterwards. For my personal collection" - Jacia

This optional quest is offered to the Princess by Jacia in the hideout (sewers). She will tell her that following the recent Dhorn raids The Family have decided to retaliate. The Princess is asked to assassinate two Dhorn generals and a visiting prominent Dhorn noble, related to emperor himself, named Simon Lyonson. The first general is to be found in a building in 4, Westside (Betancuria West), while the second general should be in his residence in 1, Princess' Boulevard (Betancuria West). The Princess will have to look for Simon on her own.

Jacia gives the Princess a key to the house of the second general, and offers her some poisons. She also suggests that the Princess would go to The Felgen Mining Company and try to buy some explosives from them. The Princess should bring the severed heads of the killed to Jacia.


  • The generals will be found in their houses at night.
  • The Princess will receive a reward and XP for every victim, per head, and an additional reward (a magical short sword) for completing entire mission.
  • There are more and less evil ways to complete this quest. Killing non combatants or butchering everybody in the house is evil.
  • There are many chances to choose to attack Simon during the Princess's many interactions with him. The last chance to complete the quest will be the Princess's choice of action right before Princess is escorted from Simon's home. Once the Princess is escorted out, the quest cannot be completed.
  • It is advised (but not neccessery) to take this quest after the Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest, since after it's completion one of the characters, needed for one of optional quests open for the taking during Uncover the Dhorn Spies quest, is no longer available.


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Spoilers follow.

This is an optional quest during Part One and becomes available once you are accepted into The Family (upon completing Chapter One). The quest is rather difficult and quite combat-heavy so it is not recommended to try it before you are around level 8-10.

Jacia wants you to kill two Dhorn generals in the city, and a visiting noble named Simon Lyonson. The generals can be found at 1, Princess' Boulevard and 4, Westside (both in Betancuria West), and possibly at the Dhorn Barracks (Betancuria North). She gives you the key to 1, Princess Boulevard, but you have to break into the other locations. Jacia also hints that you might get special help from The Felgen Mining Company (Betancuria North). Go there and talk to the dwarf. Persuade him to sell you explosives, which can be used to make combat a little easier though still tricky (the easiest option is if you can afford to buy a Ring of Elemental Resistance and use yourself as a "suicide bomber" on the generals; if you pick pocket the generals and the guards around them, the resulting fights will also be a easier, as you can take away their weapons and healing potions this way).

Princess Boulevard[]

Go to 1, Princess Boulevard and open the door using Jacia's key. Sneak up to the upper floor. Either the general is at work (during the day, in this case you have to come back later) or he walks around (in the evening) or he's asleep in his bedroom (after midnight). Find him and take him out. You can also put Jacia's poison into the wine cask. If you come back the next day, everyone in the house will be dead and you can collect your head for Jacia. This will result in an evil alignment shift, however.


Break into 4, Westside (take the backdoor). Make your way to the upper floor. Grab the polished steel key from the general's bedroom (room in the south-eastern corner of the upper floor; it's in the chest of drawers). Go down again, enter the cellar and unlock the metal door with the polished steel key. The general is busy questioning a captive. A couple more captives are locked up in one of the prison cells. You can free the captives; in this case they will attack the general and the guards, making the fight a little easier. Take out the general. Note that you will get bonus XP for every captive that survives the battle.


For killing Simon, see the Dhorn Love quest. However, if you haven't spoken to Jero yet. Simon should be with him in Tald's Tavern, if you think you can kill him in the presences of several Dhorn Soldiers.

The resolution[]

Go back to Jacia for your reward (you actually do not have to do this at the end of the quest; Jacia will give you a little reward every time you present her with a new head).

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This article is part of a collection for the walkthrough for Part One.