A Dance with Rogues

The diary is a written item which belonged to a woman assassin. It is stored in a Bookshelf inside Alfons' room inside the Hideout.

Note: After the Princess completes the Rick Cars quest, Vico may tell her about it. It is unsure, however, what is his connection to the woman who wrote the diary.


This is the diary of a woman who must have lived at Betancuria about twenty to thirty years ago, at least that's what I guess based on the descriptions mentioning certain events in the city concerning my own family.

Originally the only daughter of a grocer, the author who never mentions her name falls from grace when her parents cannot pay back a loan and thus are sold off into slavery, a fate which she manages to avoid by killing her new owner. Forced to disappear from the scene, she joins Betancuria's guild of thieves and quickly becomes a much valued member of the guild with her specialty in assassination.

However, as time goes by, she feels more and more guilty for being responsible for the deaths of so many other people, and she begins to seek out a priest whom she tells about her profession, and also her feelings of guilt.

As a result of these talks, she vows to give her body to a random man at the harbor in exchange for every death she's responsible for - a chance for creating a new life whenever she removes one from this world, as she puts it.

Over the next couple of years she gets with child three times. Her diary ends on the morning of her last child birth. There's an annotation which was obviously written by somebody else mentioning that she died giving birth to her third child.