A Dance with Rogues

Drago is a smuggler and fence who can be found in the cellar of a warehouse in Betancuria South. Inspite his pivotal role in the creation of The Family and his high position, he is unpompous and easygoing.

Drago sells few items useful to thieves, such as lock pick tools and catsuits like the Black Dress. He also buys stolen goods.

Spoiler: Drago sides with the Princess in the final discussion of the Family members at the end of Part 1


  • In very late stages of Part 2 following the Bank Raider quest, Drago's shop will become unavailable.


  • In early versions, Drago's last name was Stormborn. This was likely changed due to confusion around the relationship between him and Lyanna Stormborn, Valine's pre-generated character.
  • Drago shares both portrait and appearance with Bran.