A Dance with Rogues

So close but so far

According to lore, elves are a race blessed with longevity and aptitude for arts and magic. They have slighly smaller statute then humans and weaker constitution, but are usually more dexterous. Elves have a special apretiation of archery and some of them use their arcane talants to enchance their mastery of a bow, becoming the best archers known.

The drow are an elven subrace recognizable by their black skin, pale hair and the vicious snarl you may hear just before they plunge their murderous blade into your heart (if you will get lucky and die instead of being captured) - again according to the lore. Drow live in the Underdark divided into rivaling noble houses rulled by powerfull drow priestesses, worshiping Spider Godess Loth. Drow society is completely dominated by females, with drow males considered to be expandable. Drow consider themselves to be superior to other races, and reject moral ideals of the surfacers. They constantly fight with other race that inhibits the Underdark - driders.

Half-elves are born of an elf parent and a human parent, and share some traits from both races.