A Dance with Rogues
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What is A Dance with Rogues?[]

A Dance with Rogues is a two part module for Neverwinter Nights.

What's required to play?[]

Neverwinter Nights and the Shadows of Undrentide (SoU) & Hordes of the Underdark (HotU) expansion packs are required. All three can be obtained with the Diamond Edition. A Dance with Rogues Part One v1.30+ requires Neverwinter Nights version 1.69.

The ACAG hakpak is also required.

Where can it be downloaded?[]

A Dance with Rogues can be downloaded from the following project pages on the Neverwinter Nights Vault:

See Downloads for additional notes and installation instructions.

Can I download older versions?[]

The subject of older versions is somewhat touchy for the community. Sync182 spoke with Valine on this at one point and his summation of her thoughts are as follows:

She understands that people would be curious and interested in older versions. As the author (and, may we say, artist?), though, she's not 100% comfortable with people looking at older versions. She considers them flawed - after all, if she was happy with them, why would she change them? So, while she's not really going to say "no" to those who might want to play older versions, she's not going to give her blessing, either.

That said, superlgn has a private archive that can be made accessible on a case-by-case basis.

Where can I comment on the module or get help?[]

Comments and questions can be submitted on the respective Neverwinter Vault project pages or on the ADwR Guild pages on the Bioware Forums.

Who created A Dance with Rogues?[]

Both modules were created by Valine.

Are there any plans for Part Three?[]

There are no known plans for a third installment at this time.

Do I have to use the Lyanna Stormborn character to play?[]

Use of the Lyanna Stormborn character is not required. You can create your own character, but a female with CHA and DEX scores of 14 or higher are required. It's possible to use a variety of classes, but a rogue is strongly suggested. The character is intended to be human, although any race can be used. Races with smaller body types, such as an Elf or Halfling, may experience some visual problems with certain clothing. All non-human races will suffer from plot-holes in the story. See The Princess for more more information.

There have been many discussions of favourite/optimal builds for ADwR. Some character files have been posted at the Hall of Stormborns Vault page. There is also an extensive discussion on character builds at the ADwR Guild pages, some of which are very detailed.

Can I use a new character for Part Two?[]

Part Two is meant to be played using the character that was exported at the end of Part One. Certain inventory, such as Pia's Ring, have a dramatic affect on the makeup of your party. Variables set on the character may also influence the story. If you don't have an exported character, but still have the last save at the end of Part One (Barich's Tavern in v1.30 and earlier or the Ruined House in v1.40 and later), load it up and export the character. See Continuing with Part Two on the Download page for instructions.

If continuing with an existing character is not possible or you'd prefer to start with a new character, she should follow the character guidelines set for Part One, then manually brought up to a level 8 or 9 rogue using the "dm_givelevel 8" debug mode command. Multi-classed characters are beyond the scope of this document, but a level 6 rogue and some good lock pick tools may work, or any character that can sneak and handle locks & traps (from the start) equivalent to level 8 or 9 rogue should be fine. A Rod of Resurrection is required (for Chapter 2) and it must be acquired from the Westwood Alchemist before entering the Castle. A second Rod can be found inside the Abandoned Mine on the body of the dead Drow Priestess behind the Mutant Spider, but this one needs to be identified before it can be used. If you forgot to acquire or are unable to identify the Rod, you can add one to your inventory with "dm_spawnitem nw_wmgmrd002".

Something seems to be broken in my game. How do I fix it?[]

See the same question on the Troubleshooting page.

What files should I have in my override directory for NWN 1.69?[]

The following files are included with the Neverwinter Nights 1.69 patch:

  • iit_midmisc_029.tga
  • ls_car_01.dds
  • ls_car_01.tga
  • ls_car_01s.dds
  • ls_car_01s.tga
  • ls_car_03.dds
  • ls_car_03.tga
  • ls_car_03s.dds
  • ls_car_03s.tga

If you're experiencing visual or other problems with the game, try cleaning up the override directory (C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN\override).

My question isn't answered here.[]

If your question isn't answered here, you can also check out the Troubleshooting page, walkthroughs for Part One and Two, and the message boards for Part One and Two.

Part One[]

The sailors don't appear in the dockhouse when I go with them to "have some fun".[]

See the same question on the Troubleshooting page.

Where's the key for the door in Bognar's cellar?[]

There is no key for the door in Bognar Felaberk's cellar. It can only be opened if you overheard the conversation taking place on the docks of the Sewers on your way to the Family's hideout during Lesson 3. Eavesdropping on the two mysterious figures is the trigger that unlocks the door and allows the investigation into the Dhorn Spies to begin with Bognar. Missing the conversation means there's nothing to question Bognar about and you'll have to look elsewhere. See the walkthrough for assistance.

It may be possible to return to the sewers and trigger the eavesdropping cutscene (#11 on the Sewers minimap), although no mysterious figures will be present, and then return to Bognar's cellar to an open door. Otherwise you can simulate overhearing the conversation with the "dm_setvarint Sewertalk 1" debug mode command. If you used the command inside his cellar, return to the main level and then back down so the trigger will fire, opening the door.

Part Two[]

How do I start the Bran romance?[]

See Bran's Romance.

How do I get into Delberg Castle?[]

See the walkthrough for the Orc Camp.

I made it into Delberg Castle. Now what?[]

See the walkthrough for Delberg Castle.