A Dance with Rogues

Faeryl Do'Vrinn is the Matron of House Do'Vrinn and mother of Rizzen, Talice, and Akordia. She can be found in the House Chapel. As befits her station she is a Priestess of Lloth.


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Spoilers follow.

Due to percieved cheating during the arena contest which saw their champion Vico "The Black Night" defeated by the princess, House Noqut'Tar launched a surprise attack on House Do'Vrinn. As soon as her son had Rizzen returned to guard her she was quickly taken prisoner by a clever ruse.

Rather than attempt to do battle with the pair within the Do'Vrinn Chapel, House Noqut'Tar's Matron Mother was able to use a magical mirror within the chapel to magically dominate the pair, preventing them from taking any part in the battle. In this way it was hoped House Noqut'Tar could gain victory without having to physically deploy their Matron to do battle with House Do'Vrinn's.

The ruse would likely have worked had the princess for some reason decided to obliterate the mirror in some manner. With the mirror smashed, the Faeryl and Rizzen were freed from the powerful enchantment. Together they defeated the Noqut'Tar forces guarding them and Faeryl was then free to deploy her great power to drive the invaders from House Do'Vrinn.

The manner in which she had been captured and how she had been rescued by a human slave was rather humiliating. Faeryl decided to eradicate all the evidence of what had happened in the chapel; she would kill both Rizzen and his human slave. While she was preoccupied with driving the invaders from her home however, they were both able to escape and Faeryl sent bands of Do'Vrinn soldiers out into the Underdark to eliminate the pair.