A Dance with Rogues

Note: Some stories may have very graphic content that might be offensive to some readers.

In Progress[]

(newest updates first)

Queen of Ashes (by Shadow_Song17)

The Long Road to Ruin (by Lady Blackhawk)

Forgotten Memories (by Juh_SunShine)

The Ghost In The Mirror (by MmeDeMerteuil)

Debts (by Pen52)

Dance of the Marionette (by Lett)

Completed Series[]

Of Roses and Thorns: Reflections of the Princess (by PurpleRainClouds9x)

Not in a Partying Mood (by Valisilwen)

Goldfishes (by WildGrape)

Aftermath, an ADWR fanfic (by Dark Wyldchilde)

Broken (by Aeryn Phoenix)

Pillow Talk (by Aeryn Phoenix) - follow-up to Broken

Incomplete Series[]

Deja Vu (by Shi'naere) - (last updated July 3, 14)

Miriam's Dance with Rogues (by Tarotvulcan)

The Stockholm Syndrome (by kismethawk1) - (last updated Mar. 3, 07)