A Dance with Rogues

Gail is an acquaintance of Anden. The Princess meets her one trip with Anden during Lesson 7, near the gate of Betancuria.

While not clearly stated it can be deduced that Gail is also a ranger or a forest dweller of some sort, since she refers to her place of meeting with the princess as "my forest".

During Gail's exchange with Anden she at first jokingly announces that he had sex with her, but then retracts stating that Anden only does it with animals. She easily dismisses Princess's attempt to pretend to be Aden's girlfriend. Finally after some taunting, Gail shows Anden her bare behind and offers him to "do her in her botty", much to his embarrassment.


  • Gail was added to Part One in version 1.30.
  • Gail doesn't appear again after her brief appearance during Lesson 7.
  • Anden specifically states that he is no friend of Gail. It is not clear if he is telling the truth or is just too embarrassed by her behaviour.
  • If the Dog is with the Princess, he will opt to run off with Gail rather than re-enter the city.