A Dance with Rogues

Gemli is a cunning dwarf, whom the Princess meets in Westwood in the beggining of Part 2. He has a good knowlege of Abandoned Mine and underground world in general. Gemli's position as a Cleric doesn't stop him from binge drinking and fooling around with women. He has some basic decency, though.

Henchman Data[]


Spoiler: If the Princess loses the drinking contest with Gemli in The Three-headed Orc Tavern, when she wakes up in his home he will tell her that she slept with him of her own volition. If Gemli joins the party, the Princess will be able to mention this episode later, and then Gemli will deny his claim. He will say that in fact the Princess passed out during the contest, and he took her to his home to sleep and just made fun of her later.


  • In early versions of the story Gemli had to be paid off a hefty sum to join the party (in accordance with common stereotype, professed by Vico, that all dwarves are greedy bastards).
  • Gemli's name closely resembles the name of legendary dwarf Gimli, from J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".

Plot Significance[]

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The Past[]

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Part One[]

Gemli doesn't appear during Part One.

Part Two[]

Gemli first appears in the The Three-headed Orc Tavern in Westwood, where the Princess can engage with him in a drinking contest, and either win or find herself in his bed on the next morning with little recollection of the events of previous night. Later the Princess can convince Gemli to join her on the quest, and he will accompany her trough the exploration of Abandoned Mine. Gemli finds his demise as party jumps into the waterfall in the end of the Tunnels below the Black Mountains as described in Where's Gemli? quest.