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Gloili Fenel is the dwarven proprietor of Gloili's Exquisite Wares in North Betancuria. A former adventurer, the old dwarf keeps a stock of magical robes and armor that the princess may find useful for her tasks.

Connection to the Princess

If the princess asks about Gloili and is generally well-mannered, Gloili will state that she reminds him of a human female cleric that used to travel with him during his adventures. He encountered the cleric and her party when they got lost in a cavern during their search for a golden dragon's egg and stumbled into his camp. Gloili led them to safety, and the group joined forces to find the golden egg. They were unsuccessful, but the party remained together for many years. Eventually, Gloili and the cleric parted ways when the cleric turned thirty and decided to settle down. She married into nobility and had many children and grandchildren. Her youngest grandchild went on to become the wife of the future king of Betancuria, making the cleric a great grandmother of the princess.

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