A Dance with Rogues

Hatori is a middle aged man who owns the Tea Shop in Betancuria North and really knows how to handle his stick. Hatori is a monk and a weapon master, yet he has reservations about the use of violence. Hatori gives the Princess some basic training in fighting during Lesson 2.

Hatori has a student named Taka, whom he trains in martial arts, but it is unclear what he gets from Taka in return. Taka maintains some sort of oath of silence and isn't inclined to speak.

Hatori raises suspicion in some members of The Family for not being seen spending time with women. Some even suggest that Hatori's Tea Shop cellar is used by him and scholars of his order for obscure carnal purposes.

Spoiler: Hatori agrees to train the Princess only after she washes the dishes at the Hatori's Tea Shop. He also gives the Princess a weapon of her choosing and material to make armor.


  • Hatori allows the Princess to drink his tea for free and it has some minor curative effect.
  • Hatori has large animals held in his cellar.
  • If the Princess is polite and nice to Hatori he gives her slightly better armor material, otherwise she receives some lesser materials.
  • Material given to the Princess can be made into armor by Igor Wilkino in Igor's Smithy.