A Dance with Rogues

House Do'Vrinn is a powerful Drow house in Maeralssin. High ranking family members include Matron Do'Vrinn, Rizzen, Talice, and Akordia.

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Spoilers follow.

When the Princess is taken captive by House Pharn and sold in the Maeralssin Market, Rizzen buys her for 25,000 gold pieces. She is thrown in the cells in the basement, questioned, and evaluated as a possible fighter for the house.

During the siege of the house by House Noqut'Tar, the upper levels are the battlegrounds. In order to escape, the Princess must make her way into the Chapel and free Matron Do'Vrinn from the spell of a House Noqut'Tar priestess. After being released from the spell, the Matron leaves the chapel to take care of the remaining House Noqut'Tar warriors, leaving Rizzen behind. Rizzen, embarrassed by his failure and facing imminent death, escapes with the Princess and flees Maeralssin.


  • The portal leading to the Chapel works only in one way, so it is better to explore the rest of the house before stepping into it.
  • Matron Do'Vrinn has mighty powerfull area spells and is quite pissed, after being released from the Noqut'Tar priestess' spell. She doesn't really care about killing some pesky human slave while frying her enemies. Act accordingly!


House Do'Vrinn pins
  1. The Princess' cell
  2. Room with the secret door
  3. Stairs up to #4
  4. Stairs down to #3
  5. Stairs up to #6
  6. Stairs down to #5
  7. Chest containing the key to the portal room
  8. Portal to the Chapel


See Chapter 3: House Do'Vrinn